Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why is the market in Santa Clara County different... To sum it up with one word I would have to say diversity. I often wonder why people would pay such a premium for homes in this area, then I think about why I love living in Silicon Valley. Here's what I came up with. Santa Clara county is made up of lots of surrounding suburbs, and surrounding cities. The interesting thing about that is, they are all different, they are all unique. The city is big, but if you get to know all of the surrounding suburbs, it gets smaller.You have Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, Almaden, Blossom Valley, Santa Teresa, Cambrian, Willow Glen, The Rose Garden, Downtown, Santa Clara, Evergreen, Alum Rock, and East Hills. I am sure I left a few out, that was just at the top of my mind. And every area has hot spots to boast about!
You can take a day trip and within a 1.5 hour drive you can visit some of the most prestigious areas in California. Down south in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, and Up north you can visit, San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa.To name a few.
The shopping here is paralleled to none. We have Santan Row (Pricey), Valley Fair Mall (Moderately Pricey), Westgate Shopping Center (Moderate), and Oakridge shopping center (Moderate). For the bargain basement shopper the city is filled with discount shopping stores galore, and even has a multiple swap meets.
For a cultural side of San Jose you will find beautiful Churches and museums ranging from Modern Art, Tech, and Egyptian among many others. I should mention every kind of resturaunt you can think of, from Steakhouse to Sushi Fusion, and of course a Starbucks at just about every corner.
For being a large Metropolitan city, for the most part the city is clean, very little griffiti, and the crime is fairly low.
Not being biased, some blue ribbon schools, lots of privates to choose from. Public schools need some work with academics and arts. Public transit is good. Public Libraries are good.
In closing I think San Jose is definitely the only place like it on EARTH! I believe that whether you believe it or not, being able to live, work and play in a city like this is truly a blessing and for many a dream come true.
Lisa Roman-Stagi


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