Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Finally a vacation!

Finally a vacation!! Home prices in Bellinzona Switzerland similar to ours, Venice Italy small apt. approx 1000 sq ft about 1.2-1.5 M but that is on the island of Venice, and Paris France 1000 sq ft. 1 bed 1 bath for 440,00 Euro= about $562,000 US dollar. Home prices were high and in Switzerland and Venice where do you go for work? Traveling to Europe was wonderful, but I have to say I LOVE U.S.A ! Gas prices in Switzerland $9.00 a gallon, I thought we had it bad! 3 bags of groceries at the market= $200.oo, and you have to pay for the bags :( But all in all it went something like this

- 9 Trains-Zurick-Zurick Main-Random city in route to Bellinzona-Milan-Venice-Bellinzona-Milan-Paris
- 7 Planes-San Jose-Portland Oregon-L.A-Amsterdam-Zurick--from Paris-Scotland-New Jersey-San Francisco
- 3 Taxis-Paris France
- 3 Subway Trains-Paris France
- 2 Boats-Lugano-Isle de Brissago and Ascona
- 2 Cars-Bellinzona, Biasca, Lugano and Locarno
- 1 Bus-Paris
- 1 Tour Train-Lugan Paradise region
- 1 Tram-in Lugano-Paradise region
- 1 Scary 4x4 truck ride-To the swiss alps.-Ticino Region

We were in 15 cities total (counting the airport waiting) and 5 countries outside of the US.
Next destinations Isreal*Rome*Greece.



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